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Five Airbnb Rentals Within Walking Distance of Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest kicks off next week and for those who have yet to secure a place rest ye weary, sun-soaked heads (and a place to hang the plethora of flowered shirts, of course) here are five Airbnb rentals that are still up for grabs.

↑ Those looking to continue with the Big Chief VIP experience off of the Fairgrounds should check out this four-bedroom, four-bath spread on Moss Street. For $1,200 a night, guests get to stay in an art-filled 4,500-square-foot home along Bayou St. John that has perks like a Jacuzzi tub in the master suite and a show-stopping backyard with pond. This very white place is described as "70 percent glass," and has a vertigo-inducing glass landing on the staircase, so Jazz Festers looking to roll in the mud and ping-pong drunkenly back to their lair might want to look elsewhere.

↑ On Lepage Street, within walking distance of the Fairgrounds, $285 a night gets you a private furnished bedroom in a home that "features creaky old hardwood floors throughout, high ceilings, exposed brick and other dusty things." The host seems like a nice chap, willing to cook guests dinner and share his wine.

↑ Four blocks from the Jazz Fest entrance, here's a three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment for $800 a night. The listing says this North Gayoso Street home can sleep seven and there's no charge for extra guests. Take note, the four-plex has neighbors in close proximity and guests are asked to respect.

↑ On North White Street, a short walk from the Jazz Fest boogie-down, this one-bedroom, one-bath set-up with an outdoor kitchen is going for $300 per night.

↑ For the Jazz Fester not willing to settle for ho-hum accommodations, this Dumaine Street home has a "double music parlor" which includes a Steinway grand piano and there's more excitement outside with an impressive custom tree house. The 2,200-square-foot home with three bedrooms will set you back $900 a night and there's a $500 security deposit.