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Fresh On The Market, This Holy Cross Jewel Shoots For $258K

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As the real estate boom rattles throughout the Bywater neighborhood, just across the Industrial Canal is the up-and-coming (and much more affordable) Holy Cross nabe in the Lower Ninth Ward. It's there that this swoon-worthy home, which just hit the market yesterday, sits in all of its renovated glory. There's a lot to admire in this three-bedroom, two-bath spread which dates back to 1914: no shortage of color, 1,676-square-feet of living space, a screened-in back patio that opens to a nice deck and backyard, plus a little woodshop set-up. Add this to the "ones to watch" file, y'all. After selling in 2012 for, ahem, $18,000, the newly madeover spot on Dauphine Street is now trying for $258,000, quite the ask for this part of town.

· Listing: 6324 Dauphine St. [movoto]