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Jazzland Financial Details Iffy, But Here's A Lego Shopping Mall

A tipster sent us this photo, snapped at yesterday's Industrial Development Board meeting, of the Transformation Village's "world shopping center" model in Lego form, which is totally what one would expect from a group whose Jazzland plans include a 450-foot Noah's Ark replica with a recording studio inside, right? While the selection committee wasn't blown away by either of the Jazzland plans for the former Six Flags site, the proposals didn't get the boot, which means fingers crossed for more Lego layouts. The two groups, TPC-NOLA and Transformation Village plan on submitting more detailed financial plans, so stay tuned. In the meantime, Aimee Quirk, the mayor's economic development guru, told The Times-Pic that "there are already indications that other proposals will be submitted."
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