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Big Reveal: French Quarter Home From 1834 Wants $1.295M

And, now, the answer to this week's PriceSpotter asking-price guessing game.

Address: 810 Esplanade Ave.
Asking price: $1,295,000
The skinny: Wow, over half (55.9 percent) of y'all voters picked the most expensive $1,525,000 option, which admittedly, isn't a bonkers price for a five-bedroom, six-bath spread on the edge of the French Quarter. But the winners of this week's PriceSpotter are the 13.6 percent that guessed the correct asking price of $1,295,000 for this 1834 townhouse that comes with a guest house, balconies, views, and a courtyard. The second most popular pick of $1,385,000 got 26.3 percent of the vote, which happens to be the previous asking price before the 3,900-square-foot digs were price chopped last month. And here's a shout-to to the hopeful 4.2 percent who went for the lowest option of $1,165,000, because cheers for wishful thinkers.
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