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Behold! New Photos Of The $699,000 Marigny Listing

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The last time we took a look at this Marigny home with its very bold asking price, the interior pics (taken mid-construction) were minimal. Here now is a chance to take a more complete photographic tour of this three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath "meticulous renovation" on Franklin Avenue. For those who missed it, the 175-year-old Creole cottage sold last March for $105,000, got a makeover, and hit the market with a $699,000 price tag (the average Marigny listing price for the past month has been in the mid-$300,000 range, p.s.) The 2,450-square-foot house created quite the shitstorm in the comments section here two weeks ago with topics of discussion covering chandeliers in bathrooms (spoiler alert: looks like there aren't any here); a "house museum" debate; and someone claiming to be the owner of the property even chimed in, inviting the "haters" to come on by and see the place while insisting he's "no flipper DAWG!!" He also pointed out the recent mind-boggling $735,000 sale at 2469 Dauphine Street "which is rite around [the] corner.....I can throw popcorn and hit it from my new porch." Okay, then.

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