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This Poland Avenue Home Is About To Hit The Auction Block

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Here's one way to ensure your house won't sit on the market, just put it on the auction block like this Poland Avenue home. The auction details say the three-bedroom, two-bath home is in "the hipster Bywater district" but those who care about neighborhood specifics should know it's on the other side of St. Claude Avenue where Bywater's perimeter zig-zags. There's no mention of square footage for the 1930s-built home and perhaps the wonky wide angle shots were meant to portray a sense of roominess, but they're certainly not doing this place any favors. Also perplexing is the doorless archway from the bedroom that leads straight into the open bathroom (saloon-style doors, anyone?). Oddness aside, a recent remodel took place here and there's a new roof, plumbing, and electric. Included with the house are the stainless steel kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, "chandeliers," and ceiling fans (gee, thanks!). Online bidding kicks off May 1 and there's a live auction May 10 where the home will go to the highest bidder, online or live. There's no mention of a starting bid so this will be an interesting one to watch. The last time the house sold was in 2003 for $42,000. Readers, do weigh in. What do you think this place will sell for?

· Listing: 1204 Poland Ave. [Head Auctions & Realty]