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This Garden District Home Comes With Its Very Own Gravesite

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How exactly does one go about listing a property that has its very own backyard gravesite? Well, in the case of this Garden District home on Philip Street, include a close-up of the tombstone, make no mention of the details surrounding said burial and instead direct attention to the large lot size with "great potential." Perhaps the element of mystery is intentional here— there's no full shot of the 3,757-square-foot home's exterior; several shots are poorly lit and taken from odd angles; and the place is currently split into three units with no layout provided. There's also mention of a "rear shed/staple" (we think they mean "stable") that could be made into a "showplace." The current ask for this five-bedroom, four-bath house that sold for $500,000 in 2010: $778,000.
Thanks to the sharp-eyed reader who pointed us in the direction of this house. Have a listing you think we need to see? Don't hesitate to send it our way.

· Listing: 1123 Philip St. [Latter & Blum]