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Group With Big Plans For St. Roch Market Shelves Proposal

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The St. Roch Community Partners, the only group to publicly express interest in running the show at the historic (and vacant) St. Roch Market, have sidelined their proposal. After trying to get the ball rolling to bring an affordable public market to the city-owned space on St. Claude Avenue, Neal Morris of Redmellon Restoration and Development and one of the SRCP founders, said "We tried, but we were not able to get the city to act on our proposal and we need to move on." Morris said the group, which includes Richard Sutton of St. James Cheese Co., Seth Hamstead of Cleaver & Co., Graison Gill of Bellegarde Bakery, and Catherine Markel of Faubourg Wines, "never received any feedback either way" but if the city suddenly perks up to their plans, they would be willing to "take another look and see if it can happen." In the meantime, development limbo status it is for St. Roch Market, fresh from its $3.7 million facelift that wrapped up this past fall.
UPDATE: Phone calls from Curbed NOLA to the city were not returned as of Friday afternoon (May 2) but The Times-Pic did receive an emailed statement from the mayor's administration that said, "there was not a community consensus around St. Roch Community Partners' proposal, and the city continues to review other proposals."
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