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Where Do New Orleans' Transplants Come From?

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Following Curbed Detroit's lead, we took a look at the unscientific (but fun) manner in which search engine Spokeo is tracking migration trends in New Orleans — through cell phone area codes . Since the majority of humans seem to keep the same cell number when they move, Spokeo took note of the origin of mobile phone numbers and matched them with address records. The results? Our neighbor Mississippi is in the lead, with Texas and Georgia trailing behind. As much as people talk about the influx of New Yorkers, they're nowhere to be found on this list.

Texas cities fill in the first eight spots with Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia rounding out the top ten. Keeping the Southern transplant vibe going, there are a handful of towns reppin' the Gulf Coast. The city with the most expensive rent scene,San Francisco, makes an appearance on the list and is followed by Los Angeles, which could be due to the movie crews working in town.
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