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Weird, Funny, and Downright Awful Listing Photos

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How can one look away when the listing for this Harahan home just goes ahead and throws it out there that due to years of neglect, the interior is worse than the outside, and that appointments are available "if you must see the inside." Yikes.

↑ Broker babble can label this Robert E. Lee Boulevard home with all the "sophisticated contemporary elegance" it wants but that mother/son portrait is freaking creepy.

↑ Hopefully the future buyer of this fourth floor walk-up on Decatur Street is cool with a dorm room style mini-fridge 'cause that's all there's room for with those slanted ceilings.

Why bother getting the shopping cart out of the shot?

↑ Animals in listing photos are always winners. Here, this poor pup is perhaps unsure of what to make of the animal skin rug and antlers on the wall.

↑ Pooch photo bombs!

↑ Whoever lives in this bedroom was clearly not going to participate in the staging that took place in the rest of this stately Uptown home.

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