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Architecture Student Plans 'Apparatus X' For Lower 9th Ward

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It's nothing new for out-of-town do-gooders to turn their attention to the rebuilding efforts in the Lower Ninth Ward, but this Apparatus X project, a "mobile design studio," is a whole different animal. The Times-Pic reports that Penn State architecture student, Aaron Wertman, wants to refashion an RV into an on-the-go construction work space/design lab/micro-living set-up that he plans on donating to the non-profit, the Lower Ninth Ward Village. Wertman's indiegogo campaign is trying for $15,000 and has pulled in a tad over $5,000 so far. Apparatus X could also serve as an emergency relief vehicle with off-the-grid living capabilities like a DIY "garden in a box" kit, a rainwater collection and purification system, and enough solar power to juice up a 2,000-square-foot home.

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