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The Facts on Bywater's 'Worst Destination in the World' Status

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How did Bywater, the 2013 Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year, land the number six spot on a list of the "worst vacation destinations in the world"? Well, a UK website called buyagift slapped together some state-wide statistics, poked around on the internet a little, and published a "hatebreaks" guide to 20 unpopular destinations, which was picked up by Huffington Post yesterday. Why Bywater was singled out as "one of New Orleans' most dangerous areas since Hurricane Katrina" and grouped in with much more hardcore places like oh, Juárez is as good a guess as any. The original article placed Bywater between Orleans Avenue and Broad Street (it has since been corrected) a clear sign that this whole "report" should be taken with a grain of salt, but for those truly curious, their eye roll-inducing, off-point sources include a 2011 Times-Pic article on Dumaine Street crime (um, not Bywater), Daily Finance listage of the 25 most dangerous 'hoods (no mention of any New Orleans spots), a wikipedia entry on Bywater, and Louisiana crime rates from 2012. For a laugh, do take note of Bywater's notoriety, though— Mardi Gras, jazz music, Louis Armstrong, and Hurricane Katrina.
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