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Wildly Overgrown Central City Home Shoots For $482,000

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Sure, before putting this Central City home on the market someone could have attempted to hack away at the foliage that has taken over part of the Swamp Thing-esque house, but then it would be just another fixer-upper and not an actual "hidden jewel." A tipster passed along this new listing and at first glance it's easy to assume that this is a vacant property. A browse around shows that the three-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath Carondelet Street spot is indeed inhabited (or at least a roly poly bulldog lives here) and beyond the clutter there are actually some nice architectural details inside. Per the listing, the mantles are original and there are pocket doors, plaster medallions, and heart of pine and cypress floors. The invasive vines and the havoc they have probably wreaked on this house doesn't mean there's a dirt-cheap asking price, though. The 2,200-square-foot dwelling is shooting for $482,000. An open house is happening this afternoon and for those who get up close and personal with the property, feel free to hit up the tipline with your reports.

· Listing: 2317 Carondelet St. []