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Luxury Canal Street Development Gets Its Demo Permit

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There's finally some action concerning plans for 1031 Canal St., the site of the long-stalled luxury high-rise development on the edge of the French Quarter. According to the city's One Stop App website for permits and licenses, a permit was issued on April 25 to demo the former Woolworth building; step one in the rise of this $70 million tower on the corner of Canal and N. Rampart. The project, splashed with a bit of scandal regarding the developer's son, was recently held up due to unpaid building fees. A letter from the 1031 Canal St. architect to the Director of Safety and Permits from March 3 said:

"We feel the [Historic District Landmarks Commission] review fee of $109,881.00 for permit 13-43016-NEWC may be in error since there was no review of the interior components of the building by the HDLC." The numbers seem to be straightened out and between the two permits submitted for the downtown development, $42,538 in building plan reviews fees was paid, along with $45,282 for the HDLC review. If the ball keeps rolling, the end result will include 240 residences, 15 penthouses, three rooftop decks, an elevated dog park, two gyms, a movie theater, parking galore, 65,000-square-feet of retail space, and a very questionable 2015 opening date.
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