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'No Habana Outpost' Signs Still Sparking Strong Feelings

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A Curbed NOLA reader, annoyed that some French Quarter and Marigny homes are still sporting the "No Habana Outpost" signs, writes to ask why the "Save Our Neighborhood" placards are still a thing. A brief refresher on the neighborhood beef that sparked the signage: Sean Meenan's plan to turn a blighted gas station on the corner of N. Rampart and Esplanade Avenue into a Habana Outpost restaurant received quite the shitstorm of neighborhood opposition, and bounced around city meetings for over a year. Some chose to display their anti-Habana Outpost viewpoints on the front of their homes and yes, many are still posted, even though Meenan withdrew his application with the Vieux Carré Commission in December 2013. "When will the whiny NIMBY residents who think a successful restaurant will lower their property values finally take their signs down? We get it! They don't want a Habana Outpost," our reader writes. Our best guess concerning the signage is perhaps it's sticking around because Meenan hasn't completely shelved the proposal and expressed interest in continuing talks with neighbors that would lead to a "refined plan for the future." If this is anything like the still-posted "Size Matters" signs from 2012 that reference developer Sean Cumming's proposed high-rise (also in the Marigny), they probably won't be coming down any time soon. Readers, care to weigh in?
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