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Live In French Quarter's Jax Brewery Building For $1,200,000

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Sure, Jax Brewery's days of churning out the suds are long gone and the Decatur Street site is a haven for tourist-centric shops, but buyers looking to tap in to some real estate in the 1891-built building are in luck. This two-bedroom, two-bath condo with wood and stone floors is the work of Buzz Harper, an interior designer/antiques dealer who was known for his elaborate Southern-meets-18th century French styles. The real allure, though, is the view of the Mighty Mississipp', but if watching the ships sail by is snore-inducing, there's always the Pontalba Apartments and Jackson Square scenery on the other side of the 2,045-square-foot space. The price tag: $1,200,000.

· Listing: 620 Decatur St., M [Sotheby's]