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Holy Cross Home With Wrap-Around Porch Tries For $425K

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The Holy Cross neighborhood certainly took center stage this week (the hot-topic, controversial development plans are in City Council's chambers right this minute) so let's turn the spotlight on this just-listed Flood Street home. Just a couple blocks from the much-admired steamboat houses and a block from the levee, the listing says this place is "one of the premier historic houses" in the neighborhood with three bedrooms, two baths, and a serious wrap-around porch. There's no denying that a beautiful renovation took place at this 2,490-square-foot butter-colored home that sits on three lots, just pay no attention to the chain link fence. As for the asking price: A pretty ambitious $425,000. If this dwelling was plunked down on the other side of the Industrial Canal among the pricier housing stock of the Marigny and Bywater 'hoods, few would bat an eye at the ask. But here? File this under the "ones to watch."

· Listing: 506 Flood St. []
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