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Historic Board of Trade Building Sells For $3M

The Board of Trade Building in the CBD, an 1880s structure that served as a trading floor until the mid-1960s, has two new owners. Sidney Torres IV, the former trash tycoon-turned-real estate developer, teamed up with restaurateur Hicham Khodr for the 15,000-square-foot property on Magazine Street and plan to keep it running as an event venue. The duo is mum when it comes to the price (hmm, just like the top secret asking price of Torres' on-the-market Marigny mansion) but The Advocate notes that the building was last appraised around the $830,000 mark. Update: City Biz reports the sale price at a cool $3 million. Perks and fun facts that came with the sale of the Board of Trade Building include three clocks, original to the building, that show what time it is in New Orleans, New York City, Rio de Janeiro; the hot spots in Green Trade Coffee trading. There's also an eight-piece dome mural by H. Alvin Sharpe (he's known as the creator of the Mardi Gras dubloon!) that he painted in 1932 while lying atop scaffolding.
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