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All In One, A Marigny Warehouse and Home Combo For $799K

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This brings a whole new meaning to live/work spaces—an 11,179-square-foot warehouse with a freaking house inside of it. "A rare find in the Marigny," indeed. The 2,135 square-foot house seems to be in pretty good condition, or at least the hardwood floors look nice, but natural light is probably a bit of an issue. The N. Rampart Street property, with a $799,000 asking price, also has a 144-square-foot office and is zoned HMC-2, which allows for a slew of uses like a retail set-up, restaurant, hotel, and yoga and dance studios (to name a few). A tipster pointed us in the direction of this listing and asked for a little background on the out-of-the-ordinary structure, but unfortunately, all we could dig up is the info from the Orleans Parish assessor, which lists the last sale as a 2011 transaction for $250,000. Anyone with the dirt on how the heck this place came to be, please do hit up the tipline or educate us in the comment section below.

· Listing: 2317 N. Rampart St. [French Quarter Realty]