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Check Out Deep South Studios' $63.5M Plan For Algiers Site

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images via Deep South Studios

The film industry boom in Louisiana is no joke and adding to the Hollywood South hoopla are these plans for Deep South Studios, a proposed $63.5 million film, TV, and digital media production facility in Algiers. The brainchild of movie producer Scott Niemeyer (an Algiers native, so put away your "This is LA not L.A." bumper sticker), plans call for five sound stages, two 49,500-square-foot production buildings that would include screening rooms, conference centers, dressing rooms, and a fitness center; three structures for mill shops, storage, and lighting and grip equipment; and two office buildings at the entrance to the complex.

According to The Advocate, Niemeyer has a purchase agreement on the 18.75-acre site, a former railyard near the Crescent City Connection, and the property has already been cleared. The next hurdle is pulling in the local tax incentives, and the Industrial Development Board will spend the next couple of months crunching numbers before making a decision. Down-the-road plans include an expansion to the 15-acre plot of land across the street for a post-production set-up and an "educational component" to teach digital media and production skills to college kids.
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