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Why Doesn't Anyone Want Emeril Lagasse's Former Home?

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On the market since March 2013, the former residence of celeb chef Emeril Lagasse hasn't had much luck finding a buyer so the price slicing continues. The Lakeshore home with four bedrooms, four full baths, and three first-floor "powder rooms" started out with a $1,625,000 price tag and after three price chops [Bam! jokes redacted] the ask has been whittled down to $1,450,000. The asking price isn't the only thing that's changed here. There are new photos offering different views of the 6,700-square-foot pad and the listing no longer name drops Emeril; but of course there's still mention of the 1,500-square-foot cooking quarters—a "chef's fantasy kitchen". This may not be the most stunning place on the market (although that pool is pretty swoon-worthy) and it's certainly not going to catch the eye of a buyer looking for the quintessential historic New Orleans home, but the Paris Avenue dwelling is far from awful so what gives? Is it still priced too high? Is it the location? And the biggest question: How low will it go?

· Listing: 6433 Paris Ave. [Gardner Realtors]
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