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What Does The Future Hold For Former St. Margaret's Site?

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Well, well, well, 55,115-square-feet of space is now up for grabs on the changing-before-our-very-eyes St. Claude Avenue. Built in the 1970s as St. Claude General Hospital, the four-story structure was home to the St. Margaret's Daughters Home, a nursing home/assisted living facility, until their recent move to Mid-City. Now the vacant Bywater building is 75 units with a lobby, dining hall and kitchen, laundry set-up, chapel, beauty parlor, and offices on the ground floor. The second floor wasn't in use and has yet to be renovated, but the third and fourth floors are home to 25 units each with "activity rooms" and offices. There's also a 5,322-square-foot "unfinished penthouse," (condo conversion, anyone?) and the listing makes sure to point out that "the neighborhood has recently emerged as a very trendy area where population levels are anticipated to substantially increase over the next few years." The asking price: $1,985,000. Will this site follow the lead of the St. Anna's Asylum redevelopment in the Lower Garden District? Dear readers, do weigh in on what sort of action you want to see take place here.
· Listing: 3419 St. Claude Ave. [Corporate Realty]