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CBD Facade Could Front Offices, 12-Story Apartment Building

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A facade, built in 1854, that sits on an empty lot in the Central Business District might actually get a building to back it up. If plans go accordingly, a four-story office building will be built at 309 Magazine St. with a 12-story tower of "high end apartments" behind it. According to Trahan Architects' plans (via the city's One Stop App website for permits and licenses), the apartments would face Picayune Place, which is currently used as a service alley. In order for the apartments to happen, though, a height variance needs to be granted since zoning laws at the site cap out at 85-feet. The building is currently owned by 309 Magazine Street, an LLC that lists a fellow named Randy Roussel as its president. The property was purchased from attorney John Cummings III (father of developer Sean Cummings) for $612,000 in April 2012.
Update: The building is owned by Trey Trahan under the 309 Magazine St. LLC and this space could be the future home of his architecture firm, Trahan Architects.

images by Trahan Architects via One Stop App

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