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An $895,000 Asking Price in the Irish Channel? True Story.

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It's been a minute since we checked in with the sizzling Irish Channel and in case there was any question, the neighborhood's real estate scene is still bonkers. Proof: This First Street house, located between Annunciation and Chippewa Streets, with its $895,000 price tag, which could set some Channel records if its fetches its asking price. In 2011, the 3,715-square-foot dwelling was scooped up by local interior designer Leland vanDeventer, no stranger to historic renos, for $186,500. The house went down to the studs for its makeover, which resulted in a "contemporary floor plan" with three bedrooms and three full bathrooms.
UPDATE: The owner and designer of this house emailed Curbed NOLA to give a little back story on the project. "The renovation involved a total rebuild of the house, which was structurally deteriorated and divided into apartments. The rebuild and renovation took one-and-a-half years and oodles of money to accomplish," he wrote. In defense of the $895,000 asking price: "Quality renovations are appreciated by sophisticated buyers, who understand that they cost money."

· Listing: 719 First St. [Sotheby's]