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Office, Apartment Plans for 309 Magazine St. Weren't a Hit

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renderings by Trahan Architects via One Stop App

Architect Trey Trahan's plans for an office building at 309 Magazine St. with a 12-story "sliver" tower of apartments behind it did not impress the CBD Architectural Review Committee at yesterday's meeting and they denied his request, City Biz reports. Unsurprisingly, height was an issue. The site, currently an empty lot fronted by the original building's facade, has an 85-foot height limit. Plans included a four-story office building, which would have been home to Trahan Architects, and behind that, a 130-foot tall structure that would face Picayune Place. The office building would have fit in with the zoning laws, although some ARC members apparently weren't fans of another story being added on to the facade. It was the fact that the 130-foot apartment building would soar over the three and four-story buildings on Picayune Place that was a "major concern." It's back to the drawing board for Trahan, who said he would "rethink his plans".

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