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What's in Store For The Original Schwegmann's Site in Bywater?

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Put the vacant building at the corner of Piety and Burgundy Streets on your rehab radar. The Bywater site where the Schwegmann's supermarket legacy began with Schwegmann's Grocery and Bar in 1869, is finally seeing some action. Lights are on, workers are hammering away at the rotten wood on the Burgundy Street side of the structure, and a tipster wrote in, curious about the end result. The city's One Stop App website for permits and licensing shows that a work permit was filed June 15 and it looks like a market could be in the building's future. The 7,500-square-foot mixed-use property, which includes the ground floor commercial space and two second-floor apartments, sold for $350,000 in 2011 to 901 Piety St. LLC (Tracy Williams is listed as the manager). Once up for demo by neglect and slapped with multiple blight and minimum maintenance violations, the proposed work calls for roof repairs, replacing the rotting wood with new siding, and slapping some gutters on that baby. Have some inside dirt on the redevelopment of 901 Piety St.? Hit up the tipline, anonymity guaranteed.
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