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Uptown Landlords Hit With $30K Fine For Rental Code Violations

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Landlords Howard and Laura Russell were slapped with $30,000 in fines for code violations at 18 of their Uptown rental properties, Uptown Messenger reports. Twenty-one homes and apartment buildings owned by the Russell's came under scrutiny during a three-hour code enforcement hearing this week for problems ranging from foundation and siding issues to litter, exposed wall studs, and leaky gutters. After Hurricane Katrina, the city turned its code enforcement focus on vacant properties but last year it was decided that occupied buildings would again be fair game, too. Fifteen of the properties could be subject to "daily fines" of $100 to $500 a day if the issues aren't tackled. If the houses aren't up to code within a month, there will be a fine each day for 30 days. This isn't the first time their properties have been in the spotlight. There was a 2010 investigative report by WWL, and a Curbed reader shared a rental horror story that included a gas leak, a busted fridge, a broken kitchen window, a hole in the exterior wall, and an un-returned security deposit.
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