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This Broadway Street Home Seems to Have an Identity Crisis

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This brick abode with bars on the windows is hardly an "excellent example of mid-century modern architecture" but brokerbabble would like you to believe otherwise and kicks off the listing for the boxy Broadway Street home with a call-out to "Mad Men fans." Shooting for $315,000, the three-bedroom house, located right off of S. Claiborne Avenue and built in 1961, has two "original blue and yellow bathrooms," the original hardwood and terrazzo floors, and 1,550-square-feet of space. The kitchen has been renovated (is that a bowl of cheese doodles on the counter?) and there's a "wine cooler about the size of [a] refrigerator." Clearly, no one felt the need to stage this place and why bother when there are more Mad Men references to make? Just to be clear, "Sorry, 'Don Draper' is not included with the purchase."

· Listing: 2311 Broadway [Gardner Realtors]