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Love The Color Green? Check Out This State Street Dr. Home

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The green trim on the windows of this State St. Drive home is the first clue that someone took a fancy to the hue, as it makes appearances in the kitchen cabinetry, the office walls, and the seafoam green bathroom tiles. It's not a complete green takeover inside the 3,672-square-foot space, though. The home, not far off of S. Claiborne Avenue, has white walls aplenty, and even a lavender-colored toilet and tub . The main house is a four-bedroom, two-bath spread with pretty oak floors throughout and an enclosed porch and "solarium." On the ground floor are two apartments (definitely not as colorful as the upstairs abode), a one-bedroom and two-bedroom rental, that were previously pulling in $1,025 and $775 per month. The assessor's website lists the last sale as a $125,000 transaction way back in 1987. The current ask for this just-listed home: $549,000.

· Listing: 3132 State St. Drive []