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'Cute' Carrollton-Area 'Cottage' Comes With Awful Kitchen

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Craigslist isn't particularly known for its cream-of-the-crop listings with stellar photography, but sometimes it's hard to look away from the madness. Take the ad for this Carrollton-area rental on Adams Street, sent in by a tipster with the title "No words," for example. It's unclear what exactly makes this two-bedroom, one-bath unit a "cute cottage"— Is it the dark kitchen cabinetry surrounding the sealed-in fireplace? The carpet? The "gated community" line? At least whoever ends up here can lounge poolside while blocking out what the interior of this place looks like. The rent check: $1,125 per month. Know of a listing fail or a gorgeous pad? Feel like passing it along? The tipline is always open.

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