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Parisite Skate Park Plans Are Set to Roll in Gentilly

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images by Tulane City Center

Ground should break next month for the construction of New Orleans' very first public skate park, Parisite, at Paris Avenue under the I-610 overpass in Gentilly, a site where local skateboarders staked their claim in a DIY fashion two years ago. The plans, put together by Transitional Spaces, a local non-profit started by skaters, and Tulane City Center got the go-ahead from the City Planning Commission's design team this week, The Times-Pic reports. The city's been holding onto $150,000 worth of ramps—a donation from the Red Bull Mississippi Grind skatepark barge that floated into town in 2011—and will pass along the equipment to Parisite. The park isn't just about ollies and half pipes, though. A water management plan is in place that includes rain gardens and landscaping to help prevent flooding.

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