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This Lakeview Rental Includes a Bathroom of Horrors

Here's a Craiglist ad for what seems like a decent enough house for rent in Lakeview. For $1600/month renters get a two-bedroom, two-bath, single family home complete with wood floors, a screened-in porch, a washer and dryer, "lots of charm" and... WTF is that? The bathroom of your nightmares.

Prepare yourself for the seventh photo, which "looks like a scene from a horror movie," the tipster who sent this in points out. Maybe it's the plastic taped up all over the place, with a hint of blood red splatterings all over it. As horror fans know, where there lurks a creepy bathroom, so must there lurk the obligatory child. This listing has all the elements, now it just needs an unsuspecting family to move in. Any takers?

· $1600 / 2br - Single family home for rent (Lakeview) [Craigslist]