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Top Dog Park Nominee: City Bark in City Park

It's Curbed New Orleans' first ever Outdoors Week and we're sniffing out the best place in town to take your pooch to play. Nominate your favorite dog park, dog run, or plain old dog-friendly park by shooting an email our way with a description of what makes it great and why your dog loves it. Do send photos as well and your canine bestie could make the pages of Curbed NOLA. We'll be sharing parks and pics through the rest of the week with voting kicking off on Friday.

So far, the tipline has drawn in the most dog-related hits from City Bark enthusiasts who are thrilled with City Park's canine accommodations. The 4.6-acre site, located behind the Popp Fountain, is landscaped and has a separate play area for dogs under 25 pounds, although it seems that many owners are just fine with letting their smaller pooches run with the big dawgs. There are bone-shaped dog pools, a dog bath station, drinking fountains (for humans, too), seating, shade, and Mutt Mitts on hand. There is a fee here ($43 per year) and a good amount of rules (dogs must be fixed and vaccinated, for example) but the City Bark crowd seems okay with this.
Do you have photos of your dog at City Bark that you'd like to share? Send them to and we'll add them to this post.

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