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New Orleans' Best Dog Park: City Bark Takes the Cake

As part of Outdoors Week 2014, Curbed went on a mission to sniff out the best dog park/dog run in New Orleans. Three challengers made it to the finals and today we present the winner of the poll.

The dog owners of New Orleans have voiced their opinions and the votes have been tallied for the best dog park in the city. The big winner: City Bark, a 4.6-acre spot in City Park with dog pools, a bath station, drinking fountains (for dogs and their humans, too), a sand pit, seating, shady areas, and hills. There's also a separate play area for dogs under 25 pounds. City Bark enthusiasts weren't shy about sharing photos of their canine pals and a bundle of glowing assessments came through on the tipline, like this one from Megan, who called the dog park "a gem" that "elevates the quality of life quotient in New Orleans." There is a $43 per year fee at City Bark (the dog runs at Crescent Park and Wisner Park are free) but that clearly didn't affect the pooch park in this race. Lauren hit up the tipline and wrote, "I even love that there is a fee to join. It keeps things regulated and I feel safer knowing dogs are vaccinated and fixed, and the money goes towards keeping the park nice as well. Many out-of-towners have been impressed by this great facility, proving it's not just a local success, but probably one of the best in the country."
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