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Deutsches Haus Design Apparently Too 'Germanic Looking'

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images by Mathes Brierre Architects via One Stop App

The City Planning Commish folks are cool with the Deutsches Haus returning to Mid-City but think the plans for the new building that would house the organization that celebrates the German culture should be, ahem, "less Germanic looking." According to The Advocate, the CPC says the Germanic architecture-inspired structure "doesn't mesh well" with other Bayou St. John neighborhood buildings or the rest of the city and that the roof design and pattern should be changed.

Thing is, Team Duetsches House asked Mathes Brierre Architects to design a Germanic building and that's exactly what they got, and going back to the drawing board means more dollar bills being spent on the project. Plans for the Deutsches Haus (currently located in Metairie after losing its S. Galvez Street spot to make way for the new University Med Center) include an 18,342-square-foot building on almost five acres along Bayou St. John with event space, a kitchen, classrooms, an outdoor biergarten, and a 197-space parking area.
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