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Blighted Bywater Apt. Complex Gets Makeover, Hits Market

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What was once a gritty old Bywater apartment complex, vacant and blighted since before Hurricane Katrina, received quite the makeover and is now on the rental market as The Dauphine Apartments. Bastion Developments scooped up the property at 3135 Dauphine St. last fall for $640,000 and renovated the units into one-bedroom, one-bath apartments that are going for $900 a month. Apartment complex living isn't for everyone, sure, and these aren't the roomiest spots at 550-square-feet, but people want that Bywater address and six of the 13 units are already spoken for. The other building on the site is still a work in progress and those 13 units are slated to hit the market in September. The deets: Water is paid; there's laundry, a community garden, and bike racks on site; pets are not allowed here; and each unit comes with one parking space.

· Listing: 3135 Dauphine St. [Wirth Moore Realty]