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For $849,900, a Contemporary Spread in Lakewood

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In the New Orleans sea of historic homes sometimes a contemporary abode surfaces and is worth a look. Case in point: This sleek just-listed Lakewood spread, built in the early 1960s. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom house has white walls aplenty, three "exquisite glass skylight ceilings," and a separate space for house guests with the detached bedroom and private bathroom set-up. Public records show that the last sale price at the 3,789-square-foot space was a $230,000 transaction and considering that happened less than a year ago in December 2013, we're going to assume a recent renovation took place at the Bellaire Drive digs that launched the current ask to $849,900.

· Listing: 5801 Bellaire Dr. [Delery Comarda Realtors]