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Seventh Ward Two-fer Hits The Market With $279,000 Ask

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Here's a pretty sweet deal: Two Seventh Ward houses on Henriette Delille Street, a hop outside of the Marigny and Quarter, for $279,000. The one-bedroom, one-bath homes received the renovation treatment and if last year's, ahem, $35,000 sale is any indication, it was much-needed. The houses now have "gleaming wood floors," wood ceilings, and walk-in closets—a perk as far as shotgun living is concerned. This two-fer situation with a shared deck and yard could be a good case for side-by-side living your partner (no arguing over chore duties!), or for the more traditional folks, a couple places to put on the rental market, perhaps.
· Listing: 1715 Henriette Delille St. []