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Strange, Funny, and Downright Awful Listing Photos

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It's rare that we venture out of Orleans Parish but the Craigslist ad for this fishing and duck hunting camp in Luling is just too good to pass up. There are no interior shots of the $150/week rooms (perhaps that's a good thing?), just swamp pics and the warning that there are "pet alligators that we feed after work so bring plenty of marshmallows and chicken, they hang out with us every evening!"

↑ Putting an old-timey car in front of this "luxury 1830s Victorian Marigny jewel" isn't enough to distract from the fact that someone is trying to rake in $6,500 a month.

↑ "Sorry that some of the indoor shots are messy. Your room includes the bedroom and bathroom pictured above. My roommate wasn't home so there [sic] not as clean as they could be so just imagine a clean carpeted room of that size/ bathroom being entirely your own."

↑ Your very own dome-shaped cloud mural and a jungle-like wall comes with this Oriole Street home.

↑ Clearly, the authors of this Craigslist ad, a duo on the hunt for a "fun chill roommate" have a sense of humor.

↑ Because why bother moving the lawnmower out of the kitchen?

Not your every day listing perk: "The yard features a lovely brick courtyard with a fountain, fruit trees and a homemade hot tub."

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