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Former Hubig's Pies Lot in Marigny Now Under Contract

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The Dauphine Street lot that was home to the beloved Hubig's Pies factory until a five-alarm fire ruined everything in 2012, may have a buyer. The for sale sign on the property now says "under contract" and a few tipsters insist that it's a done deal, but a call to Hubig's headquarters did not back those claims. The Marigny property, zoned residential for single to four-family dwellings, hit the market in May and although there was no specified asking price on the lot, the owners were shooting for a "minimum of $500,000."
In other Hubig's news, it's still arrested development as far as the rebuilding process goes. Plans for a 16,000-square-foot Press Street factory, which got the a-okay from City Council last summer, are up in the air and The Times-Pic reports that things are moving "at a snail's pace." As far as what's causing the hold-up, co-owner Otto Ramsey's lips are sealed: "That is between myself and my partner and that's not for either one of us to comment on."
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[photo: Thor Carlson]