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Did Sidney Torres IV Pull His Marigny Home Off the Market?

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Sidney Torres IV, the former garbage czar-turned-real estate developer who has a fresh lawsuit against his Esplanade Avenue next door neighbor, Buffa's Bar and Restaurant, over live music permits and bumpin' bass, gave The Advocate his side of the story. "I'm not going to deal with a bass sound and hearing people clapping in my living room, and anyone else in my situation would feel the same way," Torres said. His house, a 5,000-square-foot Marigny spread that he bought for $350,000 in 1999 has been on the market since December 2013. "I have had issues two times with people backing out because of the music," Torres told The Advocate, and he says he has "since taken it off the market." Thing is, it's still an active listing on French Quarter Realty's website, who have not yet let us know if 1011 Esplanade Ave. is still an on-the-market property.

Update: French Quarter Realty has confirmed that the home is no longer on the market.

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[photo: French Quarter Realty]