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Big Reveal: 1830s Marigny Home With Guesthouse Asks $899K

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And, now, the answer to Friday's PriceSpotter asking-price guessing game.

Address: 2446 Royal St.
Asking price: $899,000
The skinny: It's no secret that the Marigny real estate scene is roaring, but most voters aimed a bit too high when guessing the asking price of this four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath home. The most popular vote (44 percent) was for the $925,000 price tag, with 29 percent going for a hefty $1 million ask. Congrats to the 23 percent who nailed the correct $899,000 asking price, and better luck next time to the four percent who voted on the $689,000 option. The 4,104-square-foot home with a separate guesthouse dates back to the 1830s and got a makeover in 2007. One reader called the reno "truly dreadful," causing someone else to chime in with,"'Truly dreadful'?! cmon. put things into perspective. what type of atypical updates would be right, in your humble opinion?" Comment section bickering aside, can we at least agree that the property's outdoor space with that wrap-around balcony and a secluded patio is pretty stellar?

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