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Breaking News: St. Roch Market Names an Operator

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It's finally happening! The historic St. Roch Market, which has been sitting pretty (and vacant) on St. Claude Avenue after its $3.7 million facelift that wrapped up last year, now has a group lined up to run the show at the city-owned space. Today, the city announced that the chosen ones are Bayou Secret, LLC, a New Orleans company that includes founding members of Launch Pad (an entrepreneurial workspace based out of the CBD). The plans? A fresh food market with multiple vendors and a "neighborhood restaurant" in the back of the space.

Per the press release, Will Donaldson, a managing member of Bayou Secret, LLC said, "We are very excited to bring back the St. Roch Market in its original intended use. After several months working with the neighborhoods, we've formulated a plan to create an entrepreneurial hub for community development, provide affordable food options, and educational resources for the St. Roch community." The market, which dates back to 1875 and shuttered after Hurricane Katrina, could be up and running by Spring 2015.
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