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My House is Worth What?! Tracking Real Estate Transfers

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It's finally happening: now you can track how priceless (or worthless — who knows in the case of the LaLaurie Mansion, pictured above!) your sweet piece of property is worth.'s got a fully searchable database of places spanning Jefferson, Orleans, and St. Tammany parishes with data from January 2014 to now.

Half a decade of real estate transfers is set to be added to the database, though the site stresses that this is not a replacement for your regularly scheduled and essential real estate transfer listings. Those will still continue to be announced slowly but surely through the website and in print via the Times-Picayune, published every Friday.

The database was spawned from a recent National Association of Realtors report citing a nearly 5 percent jump in median home prices from last year until now, marking nearly three decades of hefty prices for home buyers. Undoubtedly, the heated topic of gentrification has made a significant impact on the Greater New Orleans real estate market as well. So, dear reader, what say you? Is your recently acquired house worth more or less than you expected?

Search New Orleans area home sales in our real estate transactions database []