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Is This the Most Tech-Savvy Real Estate Listing in New Orleans?

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One look at this 2,867 sq. ft. centenarian home and you'll either be aching for an open house or the contact information of whoever overloaded their Squarespace page with HDR photos. 63 Neron Pl. is a two bedroom, one bath beauty that's perfect for families eying its many nearby schools. An upstairs sun room and spacious porch feature heavily though its subdued, raised basement design may not make it the best for natural light ambiance. Its two bedroom, one bath basement apartment, however, may make it lucrative to those seeking affordability with their aesthetics. After listing and delisting the home in 2012, 63 Neron Pl. hits the market again at a reasonable price of $523,800.

The home itself is fairly high-tech and completely renovated with a host of amenities that include full wiring of "CAT6 ethernet cable, a monitored security system, three exterior surveillance cameras, and surround sound speakers in the living room." It's listing also mentions a "man cave" spot, which is ideal given the impending football season. Miss Mae's isn't that far from here, if you can somehow lure Rob Ryan into celebrating with you. ·63 Neron Place [Squarespace]