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Burial Niche Prices Are Getting Surprisingly Competitive

Given the current real estate climate, it appears that no one is immune to the high cost of property in the Greater New Orleans area — even the dead. In a surprisingly sparse and what no one would call respectful Craigslist post, Lake Lawn Cemetery is hawking its wares and wild deals on burial niches. For just the low, low price of $4,000, you can inter the ashes of up to six loved ones at the Metairie cemetery. That price gets you three burial niches, which can house up to two urns.

The posting makes a repeat appearance in the "for sale by owner" section, along with a picture of Lake Lawn's burial niches. As an added bonus, caps lock was also turned on to mark the post's subject matter. Don't let the blaring "CEMETERY/NICHE" marquis fool you, however: Lake Lawn is not a niche or specialty cemetery providing outlandish services. What they do provide is allegedly $2,000 in savings.

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