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Former "Mid City" Bunkhouse Hits the Market, Might Be Cursed

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Not much is known about 916 N. Dorgenois. Its past life as a bunkhouse/hostel is only poorly documented on forums urging travelers to just try another hostel. A Craigslist ad dating back two years puts the "Mid City" spot (though it's really in the Treme) at $85 a week with a $25 deposit, copious phone numbers to inquire about the hostel, and absolutely zero photos. Before that, a previous resident had filed for bankruptcy, a business had failed to launch at that location, and another resident was shot and killed.

This three-story, nine bedroom, six bath "investment property" sells for a comfortable $285,000. Its 5,546 square feet could easily be used to bring that bunkhouse dream back to life or for more permanent rental digs. Bad vibes for a hefty price or clean slate to build upon? You decide.

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