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Hypothetical Development Signs Make Us Long For the Future

It's been nearly four years since a successful Kickstarter paid for the signs of a hypothetical future. The Hypothetical Development Organization dreamed of a world unconstrained by zoning laws, material costs, and even physics. Their artistic vision of New Orleans' many blighted properties turned ethereal saw a successful gallery show and national support.

bottom image via Hypothetical Development Organization

Though they've been silent since 2011, apparently, so have some of the buildings. HDO's rendering for "Karmalot", a capitalistic take on absolving sins a la Eastern philosophy, still stands on a blighted structure on Urquhart and Music St. In all, twelve renderings were plastered onto fading facades around the city. Do let us know if you see any others still standing. In the meantime, happy dreaming. · Hypothetical Development Organization [HDO]
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