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Planned Maestri Condos Have Quite the Mysterious History

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Judging by their ubiquity, the Warehouse District was made for condos. Yet another plan for them has been submitted to the city, this time at the former Le Dale Hotel. The plan involves a bit of demolition to make room for a seven story building as well as adding stories to pre-existing buildings, putting the total square footage at 27,000. As with many properties in New Orleans, this one's got quite a back story.

749 St. Charles was sold in 2011 to its current owner, Lepre Properties LLC, for a cool $725,000. Little is available about the actual hotel itself, save for the many speculative articles about perhaps its most famous guest, Ylenia Carrisi. The daughter of Italian singers, Carrisi went missing while she was staying at the Le Dale back in 1994. Speculation about her whereabouts has Carrisi living the life of a nun in Arizona but her father, Albano, presumed her dead as of last year. Carrisi's story is a curious mystery.

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