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Track $135K in Price Chopping Action at This Mid-City Home

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It's tough to look away from the price chopping party that's been happening at the Mid-City home that belonged to former New Orleans mayor Marc Morial before he sold it in 2008 for $463,500. Let's rewind back to November 2013 when the four-bedroom, three-bath house hit the market with an interesting choice in listing photos and a pretty bold $685,000 price tag. While the house isn't quite in the swoon-worthy category, it's certainly not the most busted place we've ever seen. There are some nice architectural details inside and with a little work the yard could definitely be worth a second glance.
December 2013: After a month on the market, new photos of the Bienville Street digs emerged and $10,000 was sliced off the asking price.
April 2014: The 3,911-square-foot home knocked another $35,000 off and was trying for $640,000. Spoiler alert, that particular ask didn't last too long.
May 2014: It's time for price chop number three, this time to the tune of $20,000. The new price tag—$620,000.
July 2014: Someone means biz-nas. The home is now shooting for $595,000.
August 2014: And here we are now, where curiously enough, the house shows up on with two listings. One has the $595,000 price tag and the other touts the house as a new listing with a $550,000 asking price.
Readers, weigh in. Do you think the home will hold steady at $550,000 or is price chop number six in the future?
· Listing: 4210 Bienville St. []
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